Auto Answer problem with Zoom/PCMCIA V.34

Auto Answer problem with Zoom/PCMCIA V.34

Post by Dan Greening » Sat, 06 Jan 1996 04:00:00

When calling this modem while it is in auto-answer mode the modem silently
answers the phone.  I can hear the negotiation tones through the speaker
of the notebook computer that the modem is installed in.  Of course the
negotiation fails and the modems hang up.  This modem seems to function correctly
when it initiates the call.

1.  Modem is a Zoom/PCMCIA V.34 installed in an IBM thinkpad 720C notebook
    computer with the included drivers installed.  It is connected to COM 3
    and everything installed smoothly.

2.  Installed the Cellular upgrade kit for the Motorola flip phone.  This
    involved re-programming the flash ROM with a 309K file.

3.  ATi3 = V1.309-V34_LP-e Z201

4.  Modem init string = AT&F&C1&D2

5.  Enable auto answer with ATS0=1.

After 4 faxes, about 10 emails and 124 busy signals the only response that I
have received from Zoom technical support is an email saying "I don't quite
understand your question, please rephrase."

Is this problem limited to the PCMCIA card or have others seen the same problem?



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