Supra v32bis Fax Modem Vo

Supra v32bis Fax Modem Vo

Post by Darcy D Park » Mon, 20 Jun 1994 01:22:00

R.>I've heard that this can be ordered from the supra bbs in the US for around
R.>$20 + postage.. Can anyone confirm this. I know it is just for the rom with
R.>no software.

I don't think it is ready yet for the PC, and the price will be around
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1. Supra FAX modem (v32bis): can faxes be sent via AT codes?

I just recently got a Supra fax modem (v32bis) and I'm wondering if I
can get it to send faxes by typing AT commands to it.  I have it
hooked to the serial port of a SPARCstation ELC (runing SunOS 4.1.2),
and I don't have any fax-modem software.  I want to send faxes by
using the UNIX command "tip" to type directly to the modem.

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