Request Help: CommWave V.34 Modem Auto-Answering after Installing Office97 & Plus!

Request Help: CommWave V.34 Modem Auto-Answering after Installing Office97 & Plus!

Post by jpm » Wed, 16 Apr 1997 04:00:00

Request advise/assistance.

My CommWave V.34 internal modem worked flawlessly for more than a year
on my system.  I have a "no-name, I built it" P-133, 32 MB RAM, Triton
motherboard (16550 Fast UART compatible serial ports).

I've been running Win95 v 4.00.950a with Service Pack 1 and Messaging
Update 1 installed.

Last week I installed MS PLUS! and MS Office97 (trial-ware -  Kinko's).
Now everytime I receive an incoming phone call my modem answers.

In the Control Panel (Mail & Fax) I have enabled "Work off-line and use
Remote Mail".  This did not fix the problem.

Is there anything in PLUS! or Office97 or ???? that I can adjust to stop
my modem from auto-answering?  

Anyone run into this problem before?  

Any assistance will be much appreciated.

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