problems transferring files with a worldblazer

problems transferring files with a worldblazer

Post by Peter John Ku » Fri, 27 Aug 1993 21:31:00


i ahve probelm sdownloading and uploading software with my worldblazer. when downloading, i get errors in teh middle of the transfer and the modem retries, but times out aftre a whil eand hangs. i've tried rts/cts and all of that, b8ut it doesn't seem to work. now i use &F9, wich works part of the time, but still is not very effective. any hints on what registers have to be set?

also, how can i keep the carrrier when rebooting, leaving the comm program or turning of the modem?



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1. File Transfer: Transfer aborted

I'm using a 14.400 Modem (I think the name is 'Pacomp 14.4 TI'). Online
Communication with this modem works fine.
Each time I try to transfer a file from/to a host, I get the error-message
'caution: file transfer aborted' from my terminal software (telemate V??).

I think it's not a flow control problem. I've configured both, the modem
and the terminal program to RTS/CTS. A listing of large directories seems
also to work fine.

Can anyone help me ?


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