"Deleting a modem" as a fix on Windows 95?

"Deleting a modem" as a fix on Windows 95?

Post by Lis » Mon, 13 Jan 1997 04:00:00

I'm having modem problems which I can't seem to fix*.  Someone suggested
that I delete the modem from my system properties, then reboot my computer.
He said during reboot Win95 would automatically find my modem (via "Plug
and play") and reload the drivers with the proper default settings.

Has anyone ever tried that?  It seems like a reasonably safe thing to do.
Anything I should watch how for?

*My modem sometimes works, sometimes does not, without any change in settings.

That is, I turn on my computer and go into my comm program--sometimes my
modem works fine (on any computer I dial, or any comm program I use).
Other times after boot up my modem will connect at odd speeds (like 4800
with no data compression) on any computer I dial or any comm program I
use; the only solution is to reboot.)

I check the registers and can't seem to find anything off or wrong, or any
difference between when it works and when it does not work.


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I had been having the problem of getting the message "You cannot view
the list of users at this time. Please try again later" whenever
attempting to share a folder with user-level access in Windows 95.

NT 4.0 domain, Windows 95 client. I've seen some people post questions
about this to usenet, but no answers.

I finally traced it down to bad versions of vnetsup.vxd and/or
vredir.vxd. I think I got them when I first installed the DFS Client
for Windows 95.

Whatever, I went to Microsoft's www site and downloaded the latest
version of the Windows 95 DFS Client, which is called:


...and that fixed it. I even uninstalled the DFS client, keeping the
two files, and it still works just fine.

You can get it at:


Erik Miller,
MCPS (NT Server 4.0)

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