Procomm and Kermit

Procomm and Kermit

Post by Lars Nesla » Tue, 09 Aug 1994 04:30:11

I am using Procomm on a PC and a modem to call my unix server (Sun).
It is working OK for terminal use, but not for file transfer.
The problem is that 8 bits characters should be used on the input to
Sun, but the terminal server (I guess) is jaming the 8. bit from Sun.

So I switch Procomm from 8 none to 7 even after transfer command is given
on Sun.  Then I up/download.
In .kermrc at Sun I have "set parity even".
After transfer I go back to 8 none in Procomm to give new commands to Sun.
It works, but it is not very practical.

What I want is to tell kermit in Procomm that I want 7 bit transfer,
even if Procomm itself is set to 8 none.

Does anybody have a good solution for how to get kermit work? Or should
I rather use one of the other protocols (Xmodem...) Procomm offers?
If so, where do I find a good Xmodem... package for Sun.

Thanks a lot to you who read this and to you who might have a good idea.

Lars Nesland
Agder College, Norway


Procomm and Kermit

Post by Frank da Cr » Tue, 09 Aug 1994 12:13:04

Quote:> What I want is to tell kermit in Procomm that I want 7 bit transfer,
> even if Procomm itself is set to 8 none.

If yoiu were using MS-DOS Kermit instead of Procomm on your PC, this
would have just worked, and you wouldn't be asking the question.  C-Kermit
*tells* the Kermit program on the PC to switch to 7 bits for transfer,
via the protocol startup negotiations (because you told C-Kermit to SET
PARITY EVEN), and evidently Procomm is not paying attention.

Anonymous ftp to, directory kermit/bin, binary mode,

As an added bonus, MS-DOS Kermit understands your Norwegian character
sets -- both 7-bit and 8-bit...

- Frank


1. Boca Modems, Procomm Plus Test Drive, Kermit Question

This question is for a real hacker.  I still use Procomm Plus Test Drive
because I can give it out freely.
I often Kermit from IBM mainframes.  Over the last few years the Boca
1440i and 1440iw have been hit or miss in terms of Procomm's Kermit
successfully working with the dial-up accesses to the IBM mainframe.
In an earlier 1440iw I could Kermit through a VT100 emulator at MIT, but
not via TTY dialup.  But a later 1440iw, doesn't Kermit through either.

The symptom is a series of TIMEOUT messages on the Procomm screen.

There must be some kind of delays that the Boca introduces, either through
error correction or something.  When I use a vanilla 2400 baud modem
everything works fine.

But even setting the Boca to 2400, doesn't fix the TIMEOUT problem.
I've talked to the writers of Columbia Kermit and they say what do you
expect from Boca.  And, of course, Datastorm says they no longer support
the Test Drive (why should they, it's free).

My next hack would be to install a TSR debugger like XRAY2
and locate the loop in memory where the program is seeing if it should
time out.  But that's a hard hack.

I've emailed Boca at Compuserve, but I am not holding my breath.  They
never wanted to talk about the faulty Rockwell chip set on the 1440i,

Any ideas?
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