Anyone using a Newcom/Atlas PNP PCI modem with NT

Anyone using a Newcom/Atlas PNP PCI modem with NT

Post by va.. » Tue, 06 Apr 1999 04:00:00

I just bout a supposedly 56.6k PCi modem for my fathers machine. We
use MS NT4.0 sp3. The manual is a joke when it suggest we use the the
PNPPCI driver located on the original 4.0 cdrom. Yes there is a PNPISA
driver for NT, and it works well on my machine, but MS does not
support it and NT does not have the PNPPCI driver. I have attempted to
send several emails to Atlas and Newcom but I have not received
anything and it has been over 2 weeks. I haven't exactly been thrilled
at waiting on the phone for 25 minutes before talking to someone so I
have given up on human support.
If anyone has any answers it would be greatly appeciated.



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I have an Atlas Peripherals 33.6 modem which I bought 3.5 months ago.
I have yet to receive the rebate.  The modem now operates intermittently.
It seems the MTBF of the modem is shorter than the time to get the
rebate.  Has anyone received their rebate yet?  Does anyone else have
a problem where Win95 cannot communicat with the modem.  Usually
when this happens, if I turn off the PC and unplug the phone line for a
while it will work.  Worked fine when it was new.

Thanks -

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