Help My comm programs work in windows, but wont work in dos.

Help My comm programs work in windows, but wont work in dos.

Post by Phil4 » Tue, 05 Sep 1995 04:00:00

  I`ve got a 14,400 modem, that i put in com 3 in my computer.  I had to
leave the 2400 modem in because it is attached to the mother board.  My
problem is that a dos based program cant find the modem in com 3.
Terminal and my other windows programs work fine.  This is probably easy,


1. Carddinal 2881i 2881 wont work under DOS (comm driver?)

I am trying to get my Cardinal 2881 to work under DOS.  It works fine
under windows most of the time.  It connects at 28.8 using the same init
string as I use in windows but when I try to download I get overrun
problems and 300 cps.  I believe I need a TSR comm port controller but I
have no clue where to find one.  I hope someone can help - Thanks in
advance Chris

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