RAS, a SupraFax 288 and a 288 connect question??

RAS, a SupraFax 288 and a 288 connect question??

Post by Michael How » Sun, 26 May 1996 04:00:00

 I can't seem to get RAS to connect to my netcom shell account at
anything but 14.4. I have a SupraFax 288 external modem that connects
at 288 using Procomm but not with RAS. I've messed with the Modem.inf
in the RAS directory a little and can't seem to change my connection.
 Any ideas?


1. Motorola Power 288 Connecting to Hayes Accura 288

I have a Motorola Power 288 external modem and I am trying to connect to a NT
server running RAS.  I am using windows 95.  The modem will dial correctly and
then it will disconnect.  I also have NT workstation installed on my PC and
connect to the server via the modem just fine.  I know it has something to do
with windows95 and the initialization string.  I have connected to this server
using windows 95 using other modems but with the Motorola Power modem it won't
connect.  Thanks for your help in advance.


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