(HELP!) Hayes ACCURA 288

(HELP!) Hayes ACCURA 288

Post by JIM MO » Sun, 09 Jul 1995 04:00:00

P(>I purchased a Hayes ACCURA 288B internal modem to replace my
P(>14.4 modem.
P(>However, my Procom Plus 2.0 for Windows can't detect it, and
P(>cause Procomm
P(>to go online all the time, even when I push the hang up button
P(>serveral time.
P(>I use msd.exe to check the com port and it reports that COM3:
P(>baud rate is 3!
P(>The parity is N, data bit 8,1 CD=Yes, RI=No, DSR=Yes, CTS=Yes.
P(>Which is not
P(>normal. I tried to use mode.com to set the buadrate, but
P(>Any suggestion? Does it really break down?
P(>I faxed my question to Hayes support serveral time, but no
P(>response at all.
P(>Is this the result of BOCA buying Hayes?


I picked up two Hayes Accura 28.8B Internal Fax modems and I also
run ProcommPlus for Windows v2.0 with no problems. Matter of
fact, the self set up string by Procomm works just dandy for
procomm. I did have to alter my int string for my IP though.

If you brought your Accura Pre March 95 it's a V.FC and POST
march 95 it's a V.34/V.FC from the factory. There is an upgrade
program, V.FC to V.34/V.FC for $49 ea., but it backed up till the
fall and it's First Come - First Served...


 * PowerAccess 1.06 *I* didn't do it, the *computer* did it!


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