Serial interchange circuits - RS232 etc.

Serial interchange circuits - RS232 etc.

Post by Bruce Stedm » Tue, 25 Feb 1992 00:56:15

[Please note - I posted this to c.p.m and got only one response, so I
am re/cross-posting. Does anyone have any idea which is the correct
newsgroup for an enquiry of this nature?]

What I am after is information on Serial Interchange ciruits,
such as RS232, X21, RS422, RS423, 20mA;
in order to write a (mini-paper type) essay.

Any on-line documentation you have therefore would be welcome,
such as Technical spec or general overview.
(Also perhaps some documentation on chip(set)s such as the 8250.)

If you could either mail me or point me in the right direction for FTP
etc. I would be grateful. (Or even post it if you think it will be
useful to many readers)

Thanks in advance,

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