Advice sought for setup of network/comm system

Advice sought for setup of network/comm system

Post by Charles M. Kozier » Sat, 21 May 1994 03:14:56

First, apologies if the newsgroups are incorrect; pointers to more
relevant groups would be appreciated, and email responses are
preferred because I don't normally read these groups.

An associate of mine is interested in setting up a network/comm
system to meet the following general system requirements.

The hardware/OS environment is the IBM PC family running Windows
and proprietary software written in Borland C++.  The company's
application is GUI-based industrial controls.

They want a networking system to connect some local area machines,
some at the same site and some off-site but nearby.  Might also
be two local sites with several machines, interconnected.  Some
sort of LAN/ethernet system was envisioned for this.

In addition, there is a desire for machines across the continent
to be able to connect occasionally to the home machines to
interchange information.  This would not occur constantly since
the customer environment generally precludes a dedicated line.
The exchange would be statistics, program updates, etc.  Remote
control of some of the customer's software would be desired as
well.  The system also needs to allow the application software to
run on top in order to automate (virtually) everything at
the customer's site.

I am interested in recommendations for systems, hardware and
software that might be of use in this environment, comments
about what I am envisioning here (including criticisms),
or even references to more relevant sources of information.
E-mail is preferred.

Your help is much appreciated.





Advice sought for setup of network/comm system

Post by John Lundgr » Sat, 21 May 1994 10:19:09

For the modem end, most any of the brand names will work OK, and the
prices are bargains for the 14.4K fax/modems.  If you are going to
connect some remote site that's within a dozen miles, you should check
out the ISDN that the telco offers.  It can go up to 128KBPS over the
single phone line.  It isn't available in all areas, tho.

WE use Closeup for remotely controlling a PC on a network.  I've heard
good things about PCAnywhere but I've never used it.

If you are doing serious production work on this network, it would be
wise to get a consultant for network advice.  Right now, NIC prices are
falling to well below $100, and the wire and stuff is readily available.  
Once you get a few or several workstations installed by a vendor, you
should be able to do a few yourself, and save some labor charges.

  I will be experiencing our first large 10BaseT installation next month,
with 130 workstations in one building, and several other buildings on our
other campuses being wired.  Lotsa hubs, and fiber between buildings.  
For reliability, I would stick to 10BaseT and fiber where you have long
runs.  This is something that has only been around for a few years, so
you should check out the vendor before making committments.


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