Rockwell announces new modems up to 20x faster....

Rockwell announces new modems up to 20x faster....

Post by Anonymo » Sat, 01 Nov 1997 04:00:00

Yep.  Heard it before.

After bold-facedly stealing Brent Townshend's PCM modem technology,
Rockwell is just about to lose the 56k race (EE Times, Oct. 27,
"Lawsuit could put Rockwell 56k modems on hold").  They desperately
need to hype something, so they're trotting out the "xDSL lite" stuff
from Brooktree.

Unfortunately, Brooktree's stuff is fixed-function, and if the
standards committee has any issue with Brooktree's implementation,
all that nice silicon becomes just that much sand.

Of course, they'll probably just sell it anyway, like they did with
the fixed-function "K56Plus" data pumps.

Buyer Beware,



1. Rockewell announces new modems up to 20x faster....

Here's a press release about Rockwell's latest
modems (supposed to be available in 1998) that
will use regular telephone lines (plus some fancy
equipment at the central switching office of your
local telco) to achieve download rates of up to
1mb/sec and upload rates of 128kps.  If you're thinking of X2 or 56k
or even ISDN, you might want to consider this offering...
although today it is still "vaporware" because you
can't order it yet...

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