UK CLI Modem - Hayes 288 message modem?

UK CLI Modem - Hayes 288 message modem?

Post by Jeremy Karli » Fri, 29 Mar 1996 04:00:00

UK CLI promised by Hayes & supplier.

Hayes Accura 288 Message Modem has arrived...

Despite their confirmation before purchase, it seems that the CLI only
works on fax/data calls according to Hayes Tech spt.
They are working on a software fix for this (no ETA).  I haven't had a
chance to test yet but I'm a little surprised.  If it really is just
software, does anyone know of any that supports this modem?

When telco (BT) switch on CLI signal I will confirm or deny the above...

Also, one still needs a switch box in order to be able to grab voice
calls from the Hayes fax/answerphone system by just picking up the phone.
 Without it you have to be at the PC and press keys.  Can't therefore
just pick up extension to intercept voice calls.

Ho Hum the bleeding edge - All those MIPS and sooo dumb...