USRobotics COM port settings on Packard Bell

USRobotics COM port settings on Packard Bell

Post by St. Sinne » Fri, 03 Oct 1997 04:00:00

Has anyone else had the same problem as I?
Before I installed the USR modem I had the custom PB sound card/modem combo
card and it worked fine on COM 1. Now I tried to install the USR modem and
it will not accept COM 1 it defaults to COM 2. Normally this wont mean jack
to me either way, but now my DOS games wont let me use the modem. Am I
missing somethin here? Oh BTW I am running Windows 95. Should I insert the
black shunts on the metal pins of the modem so it will force it to default
to COM 1? How do I get my DOS programs to recognize the modem? please reply
via e-mail.
Thanks to all

begin 666 * Soothes.txt




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I am trying to find information on how to enable serial port B on my
packardbell mother board model PB570.  There is a 20 pin connector
(JMOD/J5B1) on this mother board.  Is there a cable available to
between this connector and a standard DB9/DB25 serial port? How do I
if this motherboard actually has two serial ports?  I would ultimately
like to disable the internal 14.4 modem and attach two external modems
to both serial ports A&B.

Any Information will be greatly appreciated

Thanks Ron

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