A new great RS232 terminal (Ascii,hex,deci,bin) - RS232 Monitor

A new great RS232 terminal (Ascii,hex,deci,bin) - RS232 Monitor

Post by Laurent Scha » Mon, 15 Apr 2002 22:37:49

I've seen some questions on this group about RS232 terminal programms.
That's why I have post this message in order to introduce a shareware
which may interesst some of the readers from this group. Docklight is
a new RS232 terminal and communication monitor in Ascii, Hex, deci and

Docklight (http://www.docklight.de or http://www.fuh-edv.de/docklight)
is a test, analysis and simulation tool for serial communication
protocols. It allows you to monitor the communication between two
serial devices or to test the serial communication of a single device.
The program can send out user-defined sequences according to the
protocol used and it can react to incoming sequences which makes it
possible to simulate the behaviour of a serial communication device,
f.e. in order to test conditions that are hard to reproduce with the
original device (e.g. problem conditions).


1. hex-to-bin & bin-to-hex conversion

If you've ever wanted to convert the various flash files to their
binary images, or vice versa, download this utility:


from this page:


Extract the hexbin2.exe and bin2hex.exe files. These utilities support
Intel, Motorola, Digital Research, Tektronix, and Intel Hex-32

-- Franc Zabkar

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