Modem Works in DOS but not WIN95

Modem Works in DOS but not WIN95

Post by dc » Sun, 28 Mar 1999 04:00:00

Using a terminal emulator and can acces my modem via COM2 in DOS no problem.
When i try to diagnose my modem in win95 control panle it says cant open
The modem COM ports and dialup networking were all reinstalled, and i get
the same
results. I even forced the plug and play USR 56k modem to install to com3
and 4.
same results. There appear to be no other programs running that access the
Is it a registry mess up maybe?? any thoughts?

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:  I have a new computer at home that came preinstalled with WIN95 and a
:computer at work that has DOS 6.0. I was using the backup and restore
:commands in DOS to move files between my work and home computer, but
:that doesn't work with win95. I don't think WIN95's DOS has that. What
:is the best way to share files between a DOS computer and a WIN95
:computer???? The files I need to share are about 3.5 meg. Thank's

Several ways to do this, but the one I'd suggest is using PKZIP.  Not
only can you do exactly the same thing with it as you do with
backup/restore, but it will compress the data, thus taking fewer
disks.  You should be able to find a copy of this on the net with
little problem.  And a little bonus:  get WinZip for your 95 machine.
It is completely compatible with PKZIP, and has the windows look and
William E. Kempf          :

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