Viking K56Flex Script or string needed

Viking K56Flex Script or string needed

Post by Anastasios Poli » Tue, 20 Jan 1998 04:00:00

Anybody got an Init string or script for a Viking K56 Flex PC Card for
Apple PowerBook 3400? Support from Viking is quite poor, though the
modem is really nice....


1. Need Viking V.90 PCMCIA String

I need the init string for the Viking V.90 PCMCIA modem if anyone has one.

Especially a Mac modem script.

Tech support said any old Hayes compatible script would work but all the
modem scripts supplied for Macs assume the port where the modem should be
located and the Hayes compatible scripts assume the serial port.

I have a PCMCIA unit.

I can connect to Pacbell's 56Kflex number at a speed higher than 28.8 but
the negotiation breaks down and the modem eventually just hangs up so I
know the auto downgrade function is not working to settle on a lower

I connect with my internal 33.6 modem to the same number at 33.6.

The string as supplied with the term software is:


But I need a suitable modem script to start with if possible.

Any help is appreciated.



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