Zoom, V25.bis and auto-answer with IBM mainframe

Zoom, V25.bis and auto-answer with IBM mainframe

Post by J.. » Wed, 19 Oct 1994 19:02:20

We have an IBM 9221 mainframe.  This mainframe has a PS/2 attached which
acts as a processor console.  The processor console is used to monitor
the mainframe and report problems to IBM via modem.  We have recently
relaced a 2400 bps IBM modem with a Zoom 14.4V modem.  In order to work
with the modems at the IBM sevice centre the Zoom modem has be set into
V.25bis mode.  This appears to work fine except for the fact that we
cannot get it to auto-answer.  The old IBM modem had a button on it to
put it into AA (auto-answer) mode but the new modem does not.  When in
AT mode it is possible to program the modem into AA mode and to store
this mode in non-volatile RAM but the modem does not take notice of
this setting when placed back into V.25bis mode.  I have also investigated
if I could put the modem into AA mode from the processor console but the
IBM software running on this provides no means to configure the modem.
Can anybody suggest how I can get this modem to go into AA mode?

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I have a co-worker at another site that has a Cardinal 9600 v.42 bis modem
and a Zoom v.32 turbo modem (his descriptions) that he cannot get them to
correctly answer a 2400 dialin.  They go off-hook and just die.  NO
connect or whatever.  He has the manuals, but obviously cannot figure out
the auto-speed for answer.  He understands about a dozen 'hayes'(tm)
commands.   If he weren't in Colorado and me in Oklahoma, I'd help
him.  Any help from Cardinal and Zoom owners out there?

Many thanks, Gary.

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