Magnum modem (Where to buy)

Magnum modem (Where to buy)

Post by Walter R Nai » Fri, 28 Oct 1994 22:50:09

I'm sorry that this is a request for a place to shop, but
I got a reply to a previous post telling me that a store is
selling Magnum modems(14400) for about $70. Can anyone
tell me how to contact that store ??

Thank you all in advance.
(And thank you all for replying to my previous post)
                                                 Walter R. Akira Naito


1. Magnum 144 Fax/Modem (from Macwarehouse $99 for 14.4 modem) opinions

Has anyone bought or used the modem being sold at Macwarehouse
for $99?  Its a 14.4 modem.

My use would be basic access to my work Sun Workstation computers
(which has a Hayes Accura 144 modem) and access to services from
my home Mac LC II.

Any reviews or opinions wold be appreciated.


Kevin Tong                  Communication Systems Research, Section 331
(818) 354-0657              Jet Propulsion Laboratory, MS 238-420


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