Using modem to modulate data onto audio track??

Using modem to modulate data onto audio track??

Post by Jim Ruxto » Tue, 29 Aug 2000 04:00:00

 I want to use a 14.4K modem to convert some data to audio and store it
on the audio track of a Hi 8 video camera. Someone said that the best
modem to use would be a Class 1 Faxmodem because it requires less
handshaking. Is there a mode in most faxmodems where I can just send it
data and have it converted to tones without anything coming back ie. no
negotiating. I won't be able to send data from the tape back to the
modem. Can anyone reccomend a specific model? I'm ok with electronics so
I can build an interface for a line input to the camera. Thanks for any

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Any ideas on how I could use only ONE external modem to receive rs232 data
and have it modulate the data so that I can output the audio to my soundcard
or tape recorder. I only need 4800 baud. I am thinking I need to use a
signal generator (imitate answering modem carrier)to fake my modem into

audio of two modems negotiating, or just the answering modem. I have
disabled dialtone detect by ATX0 and given it ATN0S37=7 to lock it to 4800
baud and to disable automode. Do I need to also disable handshaking?
OR am I totally out to lunch with my approach?

I also built a circuit to provide enough milliamps to power the rj11 jack
and have tapped into this phone cord to get the audio out. This circuit
enables me to directly connect two modems without using phone system. My
intention was to get two talking and then see if I could get to just the one
modem scenario. Any help would be appreciated.

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