Clueless Questions: Remote access/LAN node, CAS fax

Clueless Questions: Remote access/LAN node, CAS fax

Post by Ben Gamb » Tue, 08 Feb 1994 00:36:13

Don't say you weren't warned.  I am setting up a small (7-node)
Lantastic network at work, and will probably have to provide remote
network access (darn bosses!).  I am currently casting about for,
ahem, economy solutions.  The only options I've uncovered are remote
access products (remote computer takes over operation of a computer on
the network), for which we simply don't have a spare machine sitting
around, and network modems (Shiva, USR), which seem to do exactly what
I want but cost as much as another computer at $1300-1500.  Is there
some cheaper remote-node solution I'm missing?

In other news, I'm writing some programs (Clipper 5.2) for use
in-house, and it would be nice to write in some fax capabilities.  To
this end I have purchased Extrasensory's FAXual.lib, but the package
copy claims that the product works via the CAS standard, "such as is
found on Intel fax boards and fax/modems".  Is this really a standard
that I just happen not to have heard of, or is it something
proprietary that the Intel marketeers decided to call a standard for
promotional purposes?

TIA for any help.

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