Wake Up on Ring Info needed..

Wake Up on Ring Info needed..

Post by Iain Bennet » Thu, 24 Sep 1998 04:00:00

Internal modems work with the wake up on ring as well.

>Can any one clear this up..

>I have noticed that the PCI modems have a wake up on Ring connector..

>I have been led to believe that Only External Modems will work with a Wake
up on
>ring mother board..

>Or is it that only PCI modems does work as I have noticed that the
Disconnect on
>Idle is grey out...


>The KIWI..


1. PCI hardware modem & wake-on-lan/wake-on-ring swap

I am thinking of getting an internal PCI modem.  Seeing that I also
want it to run on Linux, it has to be a hardware modem (ie. non
WinModem).  I also want it to start the PC up, that is boot up.

1) Can anybody suggest such a modem (or a shortlist)?
2) I've noticed that my motherboard only has the wake-on-lan connector
and not the wake-on-ring.  Is it OK to connect the wake-on-ring
connector on the PCI modem to the wake-on-lan connector on the
motherboard?  Or is this 'dangerous'?


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