PCMCIA Modem and Winfax 4.0 and PCMCIA Driver questions

PCMCIA Modem and Winfax 4.0 and PCMCIA Driver questions

Post by mark from n » Thu, 26 May 1994 01:37:20

I just installed a 14.4 PCMCIA modem in my (new) Toshiba 4700 Laptop PC.  

First, the modem sent faxes from MS Word find.  However, when I then went
into Winfax 4.0 to check my Send Log I got a GPF Error message saying
there was a problem with File: Faxmng.exe.  Any idea what the problem is
or how to correct? As I said, the faxes transmitted FINE!

Second, this is my first install of a PCMCIA Modem.  Therefore I first
installed the Toshiba PCMCIA Software and then installed the software
that came with the mode (a Metahertz (I believe) xjack 14.4 modem).  The
software loads drivers in both the autoexec.bat and the config.sys.  
There seemed to be a conflict between the two sets of drivers so I REM's
out the Metahertz lines in the autoexec abd the config.sys (using a ;).  
Now the Toshiba files load but they are rather large files (3-4 files aof
about 20 - 50 k each).  My available memory is around 500k AFTER using MS
Memaker (in Dos 6.2).  I would like to increase base memory and use only
the drivers that the PCMCIA modem needs. Do I nee dthe Toshiba Card
Management files? Should I use the OEM Ones that came with the modem??

HELP! This is for my Boss's PC (YIKES)!

Please post or e-mail me.



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I've just bought a ActionTec PCMCIA 56k flex Card Modem.

Installing it under Windows 95 A, the Modem is found as a DataLink
56k, and Windows tells me to insert the appropriate disk. After doing
so the modem is working fine!

Installing it under Windows 95 B, the Modem is recognized as a
Standard PCMCIA Modem. Positions of the Drivers is said to be  INF,
and no chance to replace this drivers by the ones of the disk that
came with the Modem. Diagnostics work on the Modem as a Standard
Modem, but it is getting no dialtone and is not working. Even placing
the mdmat.inf-File from the Disk in the INF directory doesn't help.

For differnt reasons, I want to use Win95b. Is there a fix, so I can
use the modem under Win95b??

Any help would be appreciated!

Please answer to my email (or cc:), but remove the X's before

Thank you!



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