Voice Interpreter Error with Gateway 2000 Telepath II Voice Modem

Voice Interpreter Error with Gateway 2000 Telepath II Voice Modem

Post by Ilian Dushnik » Fri, 19 Mar 1999 04:00:00


I have Gateway 2000 Telepath II 28.8 Voice modem (USR modem chip) and I
have installed TalkWorks 2.0 Pro to use this Voice modem as answering

I get always this error " VOICE INTERPRETER ERROR" when try to speak when
the line is on hook.

I would appreciate any suggestions to solve this problem...



1. Gateway 2000 Telepath II (USR) Problem

        I have a small problem with my Gateway 2000 telepath II 28.8 data/fax
modem (manufactured by USR) and I was hoping someone could shed some light
on it.  The modem seems to pause during a session.  In other words, the
modem seems to stop receiving and transmitting.  Instead, information
seems to be stored in a buffer.  After a variable amount of time (30
seconds to 2 minutes), reception/ transmission resumes.  However, at no
time does this problem cause termination of my session.
        The specific symptoms of the problem are as follows:
1)  I begin a text based terminal session.
2)  After a variable amount of time (under 5 minutes), inputted
information is no longer echoed to the display.  Clicking on the modem
icon on the taskbar reveals that data is neither transmitted nor
3)  After anywhere from 30 seconds to 2 minutes, reception/ transmission
resumes.  Previously unechoed commands/ keystrokes are displayed and
4)  The terminal session appears normal until the next instance of

        Here is some specific information on the modem.  Although the modem has
plug and play capability and is externally labeled as a Telepath II 28.8
fax modem, Gateway 2000 manually configured the modem as a 28.8 Sportster
internal modem.  Gateway 2000 confirmed that this was correct, and
examination of the modem clearly reveals US Robotics as the manufacturer.
Modem diagnostics reveals the following (abbreviated) :

ATI4         Gateway Telepath II 33600 Fax/Voice Settings...
ATI7         Configuration Profile...
ATI7         Product type     US/Canada Internal
ATI7         Options     V32bis, V.FC, V.34+
ATI7         Fax Options     Class 1/Class 2.0
ATI7         Clock Freq     92.0Mhz
ATI7         Eprom     256k
ATI7         Ram     64k
ATI7         EPROM date     12/1/95
ATI7         DSP date     12/1/95
ATI7         EPROM rev     2.0
ATI7         DSP rev     2.0
AT+FC...  0,1,2.0

Now my questions.  Given the above information, does anybody

1.  know what may be happening?
2.  know how to correct the problem?
3.  know where to find documented information about the problem?
4.  know if line noise could cause such a problem?
5.  know how I could test such a problem?
6.  know if I have a 28.8 or a 36.6 modem?

Thanks in advance for your forthcoming answers.

Burzin Sumariwalla

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