Cardinal upgrade-why bother

Cardinal upgrade-why bother

Post by M. Richard » Mon, 05 May 1997 04:00:00

I have a Cardinal 28.8 int. which was upgraded to 33.6 and just keeps on
working great.  It Does any and everything I want except connect at the
higher speeds, i.e. over 26.4.  I connect at 28.8 about 2% of the time.
This is not Cardinal's problem since my phone lines out here in the
boondocks will not support any higher speeds.  I don't do a lot of
downloading so why bother with the X2 or anything else that concerns
phone lines.  That is where the bottle neck occurs.  So I shall wait on
another technology like cable or satellite when the prices are more
Good luck to all who in search of the higher speeds.


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If a router is merely bridging LAT, it will not contain ANY "lat"
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Configuring a router for DECNet should not affect the bridging of LAT
in any way.

Further diagnosis would require a description of the sorts of LAT
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