Help: X2 on long-distance/No X2 on local calls.

Help: X2 on long-distance/No X2 on local calls.

Post by Jeff Stevens » Sat, 10 Jan 1998 04:00:00

I have recently upgraded my USR Winmodem to 56k after checking USR's 1-888 bbs
and they said my line was good.

Connecting to two different local ISP's gets me a 31,200 connect *every* time.
 I connected to USR's long-distance BBS (the one with X2 modems) and got a 52k
and a 50k connect.

Before the X2 upgrade I *always* got a 28.8 connect going into a digital
switch.  This is the same number the ISP is using for the X2 now.

I called Bell-Atlantic and predictably they claim that they can do nothing.  I
think that if I can actually call them with possible solutions I may have more
luck getting things changed.  I have read all about SLC-96's and digital pads
in the newsgroup but could someone summarize the possible solutions the phone
company may have please?


Jeff Stevenson


1. X2: My local POP connects 28.8; in-state long distance POPs all 48.3!!

My local ISP (North American Internet / ) recently upgraded to
X2 at all of their Connecticut POPs.  They're using a SNET Frame Relay
setup and USR's "total control rack".  They have 15 POPs in CT and one
local POP on a neighboring exchange (less than 3 miles away).

All in-state long distance POPs connect between 43-48K;  my local POP only
syncs at 28.8-31.2!!  They all use the same equipment on the same network.

I'm guessing there is a difference in the way local and in-state long
distance (1-203-...) calls are routed.  All out of state POPs connect at
high rates every time.

Any ideas or suggestions out there???  Where do I start with the phone
people?  Any way to reroute local calls through the other path?

Rich Shelton
Westport, CT

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