Need a modem that supports Wake On Ring

Need a modem that supports Wake On Ring

Post by Kelvinato » Mon, 29 Jan 2001 05:22:16

Can anyone recommend a voice modem that supports the Wake On Ring
feature for current motherboards.   If your computer is in sleep mode,
and someone calls your house, the  computer will "wake up" upon
hearing the ring.

We have software for using the computer as an answering machine, but I
don't like to leave the computer on in full power mode constantly to
use this.



1. PCI hardware modem & wake-on-lan/wake-on-ring swap

I am thinking of getting an internal PCI modem.  Seeing that I also
want it to run on Linux, it has to be a hardware modem (ie. non
WinModem).  I also want it to start the PC up, that is boot up.

1) Can anybody suggest such a modem (or a shortlist)?
2) I've noticed that my motherboard only has the wake-on-lan connector
and not the wake-on-ring.  Is it OK to connect the wake-on-ring
connector on the PCI modem to the wake-on-lan connector on the
motherboard?  Or is this 'dangerous'?


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