Unknown 2400 settings

Unknown 2400 settings

Post by Jim You » Mon, 16 May 1994 01:19:00

Help.  I recently found a 2400 baud modem with no documentation to help
me install it.  I know its a 2400 baud by the SM-24HN/U KA3105-04
written on the side.  The only other information is INFINITI SYSTEMS
written on a small sticker, but that could be the modem or it could be
the company that put the original computer together.  The only swithes
on the modem are SW1:  three toggles, and IRQ: 3,4,5,2.  I haven't had
any luck so far.  If anyone has any information on the SW1 toggles
please let me know.
. SLMR 2.1a . Nothing is so smiple that it can't get screwed up.

1. Jumper Settings for Premier Internal 2400


I recently bought an internal 2400bd modem which I am having trouble
installing.  I believe the basic problem is I can't figure out what the
jumper settings are and am not having any luck with trial-and-error.
The modem is used, so I am not absolutely sure it works.  Anyway, it's
made by Premier and the jumpers look like this:

        J2 J3          4  
       1 x  x 1        x
       Y x  x X     5 xxx 3
       2 x  x 2        x

The 3x2 pins designate the COM port - but what about the other?
The jumpers span 2 pins each (2 jumpers on the 3x2).
Thaks for the help in advance.  Please respond via email and not to the


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