modem won't connect (supra faxmodem 288)

modem won't connect (supra faxmodem 288)

Post by pp » Wed, 07 Jul 1999 04:00:00

I just bought a second hand Supra FAX Modem 288 over the internet (V.32
bis). I try to connect it to a psion series 5 handheld computer. This may
sound a little *, but I connect my friend's modem (Bullet 56K) to it
very often without problems, using the 'Hayes Compatible' settings.

The problem I have is that the modem does not connect. It dials a number,
and after that it gives a few clicks. It seems to interrupt the connection
for a short while. When dialing manually by using "atdt ..." I noticed that
the clicking does not appear when dialing an incomplete number. The modem
seems to get confused by the signal of the modem it is trying to call, or by
the 'busy' signal. As soon as a complete number has been dialed, the modem
clicks and it gets silent; the usual 'conneting noise' does not even get  a
chance. The display of the modem keeps reading 'DI", so it thinks it is
still dialing.

Does anybody know how to solve this problem? Or should I just accept the
fact that it was physically damaged during transport?

Thanks in advance,


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