Upgrade here finally for USR X2

Upgrade here finally for USR X2

Post by Chin Che » Fri, 22 May 1998 04:00:00

It's here at :-


Upgrade here finally for USR X2

Post by Chin Che » Fri, 22 May 1998 04:00:00

I just upgrade the 661787-02 to
V.90 and my connect speed is at
54666bps. Before the upgrade, I
connects at 52000...

It's a piece of cake upgrade. Be sure to
read the readme.txt for instruction..




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That's amazing.

Down here, in my old France, our beloved operator - France Tlcom - is
marketing ISDN to make it affordable (not installation fee, rebate on
ISDN devices, rebate on digital calls, etc...). This policy does make
senses since 99.99 of France Tlcom network is digital. Why not then
converting the last 50 m of the network (between the customer and the
telco switch) ?

I heard that other european operators (Deutsch Telekom for example) have
the same gaol as France Telecom: trying to convert people to ISDN.

Most of the big ISPs in France charge the same fee as for analogic
connection: around 35 US $ unmettered access.

France Tlcoms charges around 40 US $/month for a BRI (compared to 15
US $ per analogic line).

[followup set to comp.dcom.isdn]

      Ung Awa

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