tp 340 "wake up" from suspend with ring from modem?

tp 340 "wake up" from suspend with ring from modem?

Post by Zee Jacks » Thu, 10 Nov 1994 04:09:17

This is my second attempt at posting this q. Suspect US comms users
never heard of Thinkpad 340;-) The latest Thinkpad in the UK is
the 340 spec:486slc 2/50mhz
             125 mb hd
             4mb ram
I am trying to get the machine to "wake up" from suspend when a ring
is detected at the serial port from external modem (USR Sporster
14400) The manual specifically states this is possible. I just need
a no it can't or yes this is how. I've tried various combinations
of dip switches and commands to no effect. IBM UK and US can't
agree if it can.

p.s. Anybody know what the 340 is badged as stateside and I could
post those users.

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