Twincom 14.4 kbds modem ?

Twincom 14.4 kbds modem ?

Post by Damien Bill » Tue, 12 Jan 1993 14:12:39

  Anyone tried Twincom 14.4DF modem ?


1. Mac + supraFAX modem v32bis (14.4 kbd) problem

I have a problem trying to use the SupraFax modem with my Mac Powerbook
165 (sys 7.1, ZTerm 1.0.1).
I can't get any of the usual feedback to ZTerm ('OK', etc.) from the
modem to any modem commands I type - including the AT&F (factory
setting) commands.  When I try and auto-dial, ZTerm's dial window says
DTD 123 456
instead of
ATDT 123 456

The modem's display goes from 'OK' to 'DI', but no speaker noise, and,
after a few seconds it just gives up.

Normally, I use the internal 2400 bd modem (PSI PowerModem 1), and
naturally disable that (with the PB control panel) before trying the

I also get this problem with an older (V21/23 !) modem I'm trying for a
friend, but then it has lots of DIP switches which are almost certainly
wrong by now.

I'm running the SupraFAX from a 9V **DC** adapter, since it wouldn't
work with the 9V **AC** which the case says it wants.  It powers up OK,
and the status panel comes to 'OK' after a second or so.

Thanks for reading, any wisdom will be acknowledged !

TIA, Ceri

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