HSP 56K PCI Micromodem

HSP 56K PCI Micromodem

Post by Hugo de Vreu » Wed, 19 Jan 2000 04:00:00

Hi there,

I've got a HSP 56K PCI Micromodem. It works great in Windows 98 second
edition. But I can't get it working in Windows 2000 RC 2. The NT 4 driver
doesn't work, it says Not Functional when looking at the modems in
Control Panel.
Does anyone has a hint for this? Is there a compatible driver in Windows

Please help.



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1. Cisco 5240 and 56K HSP Micromodems


Does anybody know of any issues with 56K HSP
Micromodems connecting to Cisco 5240 routers?  If
so, could you send an email my way?  Any info
would be great!



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