Hayes announces ISDN Extender for NeXT Computers

Hayes announces ISDN Extender for NeXT Computers

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The following is a news release concerning a product which allows
NeXT computers to be connected to ISDN networks and also provides a
digitized interface to analog telephone networks for voice, data,
and fax applications.  It is posted for information only and should
not be construed as an adverti*t or offer to sell.  I apologize
in advance to those who dislike the tone of the typical high-tech
company press release!

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               Hayes - NeXT Strategic Relationship results in
                Low-cost ISDN Connectivity for NeXT Computer

        ATLANTA, GA, 22 January 1992 -- Hayes Microcomputer Products,
Inc. today announced Hayes ISDN Extender, the first telecommunications
network interface module that provides ISDN Basic Rate Access as well as
analog telephone line connectivity to NeXT computers.  This product is the
result of the Hayes and NeXT strategic relationship committed to the
promotion of ISDN and to providing low-cost, powerful connectivity to NeXT
users worldwide.  Hayes has also expanded its ISDN Developer Program to
include support for the ISDN Extender for NeXT computers.

         Hayes ISDN Extender provides an 8-pin modular connector to an
ISDN Basic Rate line and a 6-pin modular RJ11 connector to an analog
telephone line.  When used in conjunction with NeXTstep Release 3.0 and
application software, the Extender can be used for remote LAN connections,
as well as high-speed, digitized voice, data, fax modem, and multimedia
applications.  Hayes ISDN Extender takes advantage of the NeXTstep
object-oriented application development environment, powerful CPU, and DSP
port to provide analog telephone network and ISDN (Integrated Services
Digital Network) connectivity.

        "We see customer applications, such as remote LAN connectivity
and evolving multimedia applications, driving the need for the higher
speed transmission of ISDN," said Hayes President Dennis C. Hayes.  
"Therefore, Hayes ISDN Extender for NeXT computers with Release 3.0 is a
logical and powerful combination.  This is the first tangible result from
our strategic relationship with NeXT and when Steve and I get together we
have no shortage of good ideas.  We are very pleased to be working with a
company that shares our vision of global connectivity and ISDN."

        "Dennis and I have worked together over the years to bring
technology that has changed the way people work," said NeXT Chairman and
CEO Steve Jobs.  "And, with this announcement, we are continuing our
tradition.  This hardware/software solution gives our customers a
low-cost, yet very flexible, solution for ISDN connectivity."

        Hayes ISDN Developer Program is designed to provide qualified
third party developers with the support and information they need to
develop high-quality applications for ISDN, and to complement the NeXT
developer support program for the PhoneKit API.  The program includes
special product purchase programs as well as access to Hayes Developer
Verification and Test Lab, located at Hayes ISDN Technologies in San
Francisco, CA.  Developers can also use the ISDN applications development
laboratory, located in Beeston, Nottingham, England, that was established
as a joint effort by Hayes and GPT, Britain's leading telecommunications
systems supplier.

        Hayes ISDN Extender will be available throughout the United
States and Canada in April 1992 for an estimated retail price of US$349
and CN$499.  The product will be distributed through Value-added Resellers
and Dealers who sell NeXT computers as well as Hayes Customer Service.  In
addition, Hayes anticipates availability of Hayes ISDN Extender in the
global marketplace, including France, Germany and Japan as country
approvals are obtained and NeXT system software is prepared for support.

        Hayes ISDN Extender carries a two year limited performance
warranty and is backed by the same level of quality support as Hayes
modems.  Applications consultants and technical support engineers are
available through Hayes Customer Service in the U.S. at 404/441-1617 and
in Canada at 416/283-2672.  Unlimited, free technical assistance is
available electronically through "Online with Hayes," an electronic
Bulletin Board System, at 404/HI MODEM or 800/US HAYES, as well as Hayes
Forums on CompuServe and GEnie information services.

        NeXT Computer, Inc. designs, manufactures and markets
professional workstations based on the pioneering NeXTstep object-oriented
system software.  NeXT computers are used to develop mission-critical
custom applications and to run these applications alongside breaktrough
productivity applications.  NeXT is headquartered at 900 Chesapeake Drive,
Redwood City, California, 94063.  For further information, customers and
potential customers are encouraged to call 800-TRY-NeXT.

        Best known as the leader in microcomputer modems, Hayes develops,
supplies and supports computer communications equipment and software for
personal computer and computer communications networks.  The company
distributes its products through an international network of authorized
distributors, dealers, mass merchants and original equipment manufacturers.