Queries on v.32terbo, v.fast & v.34

Queries on v.32terbo, v.fast & v.34

Post by Geoffrey Wel » Tue, 02 Nov 1993 20:42:12

> >of "bis".  There is no such thing as V.32ter (at least, not yet), and
> >"V.32terbo" is a pun on that and should not be confused with "V.32 turbo", a
> >12000 bps, V.32bis compatible modulation that was available on some V.32
> >modems.

> There's no such thing as "V.32ter", but there is a "V.32terbo".

   The text you quoted, separated from the rest of the message, might give the
impression that I was saying that there is no such thing as V.32terbo, either.  
I said no such thing, and certainly didn't mean to imply it.

Quote:> That's AT&T's name for their proprietary 19.2 kbps standard.  It's getting
> more and more popular, but as far as I know is compatible only with other
> AT&T-chipset modems.

   I believe that AT&T have released V.32terbo to many other manufacturers,
includung USRobotics, Digicom Systems, and Microcom, who have implemented it
in their own DSP-based hardware (i.e., no chipset).

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