PCI hardware modem & wake-on-lan/wake-on-ring swap

PCI hardware modem & wake-on-lan/wake-on-ring swap

Post by ge.. » Tue, 04 Jan 2000 04:00:00

I am thinking of getting an internal PCI modem.  Seeing that I also
want it to run on Linux, it has to be a hardware modem (ie. non
WinModem).  I also want it to start the PC up, that is boot up.

1) Can anybody suggest such a modem (or a shortlist)?
2) I've noticed that my motherboard only has the wake-on-lan connector
and not the wake-on-ring.  Is it OK to connect the wake-on-ring
connector on the PCI modem to the wake-on-lan connector on the
motherboard?  Or is this 'dangerous'?


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1. Does Wake-On-Lan really mean Wake On Ping?

I'm working with an Openview/Ciscoworks installation that I installed
several months ago.

Ever since the NMS was put into place, users have been noticing that
PCs have been waking up over the weekend and evenings after being
powered off. Wake-On-Lan/Remote Wake-Up seems to be the culprit.

From looking at white papers for wake-on-lan, it appears that these
card should only be waking up upon receiving a "Magic Packet". The NMS
is not sending out magic packets, but it still seems to be waking
these PC's up through ping sweeps and status polling. Some of the
problem has been fixed by tuning HPOV and Ciscoworks' polling
behavior, but it appears that these NICs wake up in response to ANY
unicast traffic, including pings.

Any of you folks had similar experiences with NICs waking up to
something other than a "magic packet"? The NICs in question are 3com

Any info would be much appreciated.

-carl hirsch

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