HELP: Bootling Linux Install from LS-120 Drive

HELP: Bootling Linux Install from LS-120 Drive

Post by James Eas » Tue, 20 Jan 1998 04:00:00

Is there any distribution of Linux that can boot from an LS-120 floppy
drive (using 1.44Mb disks), using a Promise FloppyMAX controller? This
is my setup, and I'm trying to install Red Hat Linux 4.1, but can't.

Help would be appreciated.
James East.

PS. I cannot afford to pay for a CD-ROM distribution if it's any more
than 5 (around $10), inc P&P. I also cannot afford a big download,
because we have to pay by the minute for our phone calls here.


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On a related note, and probably a FAQ:

my laptop only has an LS-120 drive. How can I make a boot disk?
mkbootdisk doesn't work, since it lives at /dev/hdc not a /dev/fd*



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