Cirrus Logic laguna chipset & xfree86

Cirrus Logic laguna chipset & xfree86

Post by Pete » Fri, 23 Jan 1998 04:00:00

Hi, my name is Peter, and I am both new to the internet and
to Linux.

I Have installed linux from the walnut-creek linux
slackware 96 cdrom.

I have managed to get X working before with an earlier
cirrus-logic card,
but I have just upgraded to a 4mb cirrus logic
GD5460 with the new laguna chipset.

When I start X after trying various server /
configurations, the server
reports there is not enough video ram to support a
virtual desktop - even specifying 8 bbp mode and 640x480
resolution - it
says the card has only 64k

Can anyone help me ???



1. Need help w/xdm & Debian & Cirrus Logic 5465 (Laguna) on HP VectraVL

Hello All;

I am a newvie to the Linux world and am having a problem installing xdm on
debian Linux 2.0 with a Cirrus Logic 5465 (Laguna) chipset on a
PentiumII-333 HP Vectra-VL.

I can't seem to get the xserver to do anything better than VGA.
I've made sure the svga drivers are installed but the highest resolution I
can get to is 800x600x16. I keep choosing the Cirrus Logic 546x card type
but nothing above 800x600x16 works.

I have a 4Mb card which works fine under Windows95 at 1024x768x64k so I
know it's not a hardware problem.

Any help would be appreciated.

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