dat autoloader

dat autoloader

Post by Julie Haro » Sat, 19 May 2001 22:50:50

I have a DS20 running tru64 v5.1, I have a seagate scorpion 240
6 tape dat autoloader.

Question - how do I talk to the tape ?  

It seems to want to mount to /dev/changer/mc?  as opposed to
/dev/nrmt?h with a single drive on tru64 v4.  Can I use it
with dump or will I need to go down the route of some backup
software ?  If so which freebie do you recommend ?

Any help gratefully accepted !

Julie Harold


1. Dat Autoloader question

I'm thinking about buying an autoloader to do nightly
backups for a colocation machine.  The OS is Linux,
and the average bacckup size is around 4 Gigs.  I've
currently got a DDS-2 drive there.  and tape changes
are done weekly (in theory).  Has anyone had good or
bad experiences with any particular model which I
should look at or avoid?  And also what is a good
package to manage an autoloader on Linux?  And does
anyone know the commands to change tapes?  for example
if I've got tape 3 in the drive, how would I change to
tape 5?

TIA for any advice on HW models and SW packages.

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