Cpu panic random

Cpu panic random

Post by Snip3 » Tue, 08 Jul 2003 22:40:24


on a ds20e (tru64 5.1)sometimes i have a random cpu panic
every 2 or 3 month),and the system go in halt.

In the crash.data i can read this line:

_panic_string:  0xfffffc0000aec948 = "kn600_softerr_intr():
 Correctable Errors not supported on EV6 pass 1\n"

These are the two cpu installed:

 CPU Type Speed (Mhz)

 0 EV6 (21264) 667
 1 EV6.7 (21264A) 667

The firmware is:
Firmware revision: 5.8-10
PALcode: UNIX version 1.79-63

As you can see the secondary cpu is different from the primary cpu,
ca be this the cause ?

Thanks, i will summarize.



Cpu panic random

Post by Islan » Wed, 09 Jul 2003 02:34:19

That is definitely the problem
I bet the EV6 cpu is ACTUALLY 500Mhz overclocked



Cpu panic random

Post by Peter da Sil » Wed, 09 Jul 2003 04:22:18

> on a ds20e (tru64 5.1)sometimes i have a random cpu panic
> every 2 or 3 month),and the system go in halt.


Quote:>  0 EV6 (21264) 667
>  1 EV6.7 (21264A) 667

In general it is considered a bit dodgy to run different CPUs together
in a SMP environment. It sounds like the kernel is either going "21264,
OK, we'll set up to handle X and Y" and getting "Z" from the 21264A, or
it's going "21264A, eh? We'll do X, Y, and Z" and freaking out when "Z"
doesn't work on the 21264.

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