Conference: CETS-2001 - Max ROI

Conference: CETS-2001 - Max ROI

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Conference: CETS-2001 - Max ROI

Post by Mark Barte » Fri, 03 Aug 2001 06:04:16

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On behalf of those of us (and I presume there are many!) who've witnessed
things we've written -- whether a few paragraphs of text, or some program
submitted to a SIG tape, or a useful shell script, or whatever -- show up
in a different context, changed only minimally, and passed off as someone
else's work, with no credit to the original author, I'd just like to pass
along a "well done" to whoever is responsible for the credit that appears
at the bottom of the last page.

I have no idea who G. Beau Williamson is, but the fact that someone cited
him as the original author on whose work that paper is based demonstrates
a level of professionalism which, sad to say, is seen too infrequently in
our line of work.

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