KDE 2.2 Beta 1 for Tru64 Unix released.

1. KDE 2.2 and KOffice 1.1 RC1 for Tru64 released

From: Dr. Tom Leitner:

This is to inform you all that I have just released KDE 2.2 along with
KOffice 1.1 Release Candidate 1 for Compaq Tru64 Systems. The official
announcement by the KDE team will follow on monday next week.

KDE 2.2 for Tru64 can be downloaded from my FTP server:


and KOffice 1.1 RC1 can be downloaded from:


Please note that this KOffice version will only work with KDE 2.2
and not with earlier releases.

There are some minor known bugs in this KDE 2.2 release. Also https://
URLs for SSL connections do not work yet under Tru64. The next version KDE
2.2.1 should fix these problems. It is expected to be released in
September 2001.


Tru64.org, http://www.tru64.org
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