Tru64 parameter for increasing file locks.

Tru64 parameter for increasing file locks.

Post by Alan Gord » Wed, 02 Jul 2003 07:34:23

We are receiving an error message, '77 - No locks available' when
running a performance test simulating up to 300 users on a 3-CPU, 8 Gb
ES45 cluster node running Tru64 UNIX 5.1b.

We have found the following advice on a website:

"If you will be using KISAM for database access you may need to
increase the number of file locks that can be outstanding at any time.
Symptoms of running out of locks is poor performance for database
applications. On Unix 5.4 this is the FLCKREC parameter, on HP-UX
it is nflocks."

However, we need to find the name of this parameter for the Tru64
system.  It does not seem to be either 'FLCKREC' or 'nflocks'.  Can
anyone tell us what this parameter might be called?

Please reply directly to my email address if possible.



1. file lock problem in TRU64(DigitalUnix)/alpha

Hello there!

I recently took the system administration of a DS20 AlphaServer
which worked several months without any kind of admin.

I tried to create my own account with "dxaccounts" but I got this
error: "The password and group files are currently locked by another
user; please try again later". I got the same msg if I use "adduser".

Due the /var/spool/lock was empty, I did shutdown the machine,
I went into single-user, I performed "verify" for AdvFS partitions
and fsck for UFS partitions, I went into multi-user again, but I
got none result.

Any help is welcome. Thanks in advance,

Andrs Fernndez-Len

PS: I'll appreciate if answers come with email copy to me.

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