mt fails trough network

mt fails trough network

Post by Luis Gonzale » Tue, 08 Jul 2003 18:16:15

I have a DS20E with TRU64 5.1a (tornado), a linux box (2.4.20-4GB from SuSE,
typhoon) to which a sony tape loader is connected.
I have tried the following command from another linux box (2.4.20-4GB from
Quote:> mt -f typhoon:/dev/st0 status

and the status is correctly reported
The same from the DS20E (/usr/local/bin/mt is the gnu mt):
Quote:> /usr/local/bin/mt -f typhoon:/dev/st0 status

/usr/local/bin/mt: typhoon:/dev/st0
and unloads the tape (?!!)

The version of mt is the same for all computers:
GNU mt version 2.4.2

No errors are reported in the logs.

Any clue?


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I've two networks, connected trough a VPN, everyone with
a local dns in it, but when i try to nslookup the dns in
NetB on a client in NetA, it fails. tcpdumping the interfaces
showed up that the request isn't sent trough enc0, but trough
tun0, which failed.

the two routers are running OpenBSD-3.0 GENERIC; one's on a
dsl-dialup, one on a permanent dual-isdn-connection; the VPN's
realised with isakmpd.

    NET A                                          NET B

<DNS>---\                                            /<DNS>
<client>/                                            \<client>

Thank you,
Andreas Lappe
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