1.0 available for Tru64 Unix. 1.0 available for Tru64 Unix.

Post by Tom Leitne » Sat, 11 May 2002 05:42:04


I just wanted to let you know that OpenOffice 1.0 is now available for
Tru64 Unix. Thanks to Yi Wang and Wendy Rennenberg and all others at Compaq
who made this possible. Please direct any questions about the release

The binaries can be downloaded from:

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1. announces 1.0

"May 1, 2002 - The community today
announced the availability of 1.0,
the open source, multi-platform, multi-lingual office
productivity suite available as a free download at
the community website.
1.0 is the culmination of more than 18 months of
collaborative effort by members of the
community, which is comprised of Sun employees, volunteer
developers, marketers, and end users working to create
an international office suite that will run on all major
(if it's not busy, that is)

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