Quota in Trucluster 5.1 environment

Quota in Trucluster 5.1 environment

Post by Daniel » Wed, 07 Mar 2001 02:46:27


i need to set quota in a Trucluster 5.1 environment.
The quota for user and groups is not supported in Trucluster 5.1
environment but is supported the quota for filesets.

After that i've set the quota for some filesets on the same domain i need
to export the filesets via nfs.

Here is the problem: i can't read from the mount point of the filesets
exported. In other words if i export the directory "/users" that contains
the subdirs (mount points of filesets) ex :"/users/user1", i can read
from all the files that are in "/users" but i can't see the files that
are contained in "/users/user1".

Very difficult to explain.. sorry for my bad english...

 i hope that someone knows the solution.

Thanks in advance.

Daniele Murrau


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i have these patch kit installed :
Patches installed on the system came from following patch kits:

        - T64V51AS0001-20001114 OSF510
        - T64V51AS0001-20001114 TCR510
        - T64V51AS0003-20010413 OSF510
        - T64V51AS0003-20010413 TCR510

As you can see only patch kit 1 and 3 are installed.

I need to upgrade to the last patch kit (KIT 6 Feb 2003)

Should i first install previous patch kit like 4 and 5 or i can
install directly kit 6 ?



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