How to manage correctly SCSI HARD DRIVES with blocksize different then 512 bytes?

How to manage correctly SCSI HARD DRIVES with blocksize different then 512 bytes?

Post by Yury Greatsae » Fri, 04 Jul 2003 16:20:21

TRUE64 Compaq UNIX ver.5.0A system managers and admins!

        Could someone point me the URL which describes HOW IT IS POSSIBLE to adjust SYSTEM (TRUE64
Compaq UNIX ver.5.0A) parameters to manage correctly HARD DRIVES with blocksize different
then 512 bytes?

I wish to use magneto-optical device FUJITSU MCD3130SS with our Alpha. This device shows (to
the TRUE64 Compaq UNIX ver.5.0A system) that the physical sector size is 2048 bytes. But
the system ignores that and counts the device sector size is 512 bytes (default value).

I am almost sure that it is possible to adjust that, because the system uses 2K sector size
for CD-ROM devices, but I don't know HOW. I have tried to put somethings in /etc/ddr.dbase
and compile it and was not lucky.

I have tried to boot from that device and SRM console says:
the sector size of device is not 512.... But sector size of CD-ROM device is the same (2K)
and I could boot from it.

With best wishes


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Hi !

I ran into an interesting problem yesterday:

I got an 'old' 520 MB SCSI-Fujitsu Disk and needed to install that
disk into my SS10-box.
The disk was used befor in an old NeXT-Hardware running NeXTStep.
I did change the jumpers to get SCSI-II and synchronoustransfers
installed the disk, did a boot -r and then called 'format -e'.
I was not able to access the disk, nor could I initiate a low-level

It turned out, that the disk was low-level formated with 1024 byte-blocks,
the SPARC (Solaris 2.5.1) was not able to handle.

Is there a way to reformat such a disk on the SPARC ?

(Ok, we got that solved by using the NeXT to do a low-level-format
with 512 Byte-Blocks and then the disk worked nice in the SPARC.)

Regards, Roland

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