web built driver OK for 5.1?

web built driver OK for 5.1?

Post by Bob Irwi » Wed, 10 Jul 2002 07:01:45

I used the GUI tool to generate a sample PCI tru64 driver for


The download of the files, the build and such seem to work fine.
Has anyone used this tool build and run a functional simple driver?

When I run the 'sysconfig -v -c'  I get a warning that the
is  missing from /etc/sysconfigtab.   Yet when I do a sysconfig -m c1553,
I get  :

Subsystem_Description = Condor PCI 1553
Device_Major_Req = Same
Device_Char_Major = ANY
Device_Char_Files = c1553
Device_Char_Minor = 0
Module_Config_Name = c1553
C1553_Developer_Debug = 1
Num_Installed = 1
PCI_Option = PCI_SE_Rev - 0x210, Vendor_Id - 0x13C6, Device_Id - 0x1553, Rev
- 0
, Base - 0, Sub - 0, Pif - 0 Sub_Vid - 0, Sub_Did - 0, Vid_Mo_Flag - 1,
lag - 1, Rev_Mo_Flag - 0, Base_Mo_Flag - 0, Sub_Mo_Flag - 0, Pif_Mo_Flag - 0,
b_Vid_Mo_Flag - 0, Sub_Did_Mo_Flag - 0, Driver_Name - c1553, Type - C,
ig - N

And the 'missing line is there'

following is the system console output during sysconfig:
ooking for method /var/subsys/c1553.mth

executing method for preconfiguration:

/var/subsys/c1553.mth preconfigure c1553 1

device.mth: preconfiguration started for the "c1553" device driver

device.mth: Warning: Unable to find a Module_Config line in the sysconfigtab

device.mth:          Psuedo Driver configured, no kernel topology structure
ted for this driver.

device.mth: preconfigure returned successfully

calling kmodcall to configure c1553

calling kloadsrv to load c1553

attaching to kloadsrv


requesting kloadsrv to perform load

kloadsrv: kernel_load("/subsys/c1553.mod", x, module) = 256; *module = 18

kloadsrv load return 0

calling kmodcall to configure c1553

sysconfigtab: attribute Module_Config_Name in subsystem c1553 can't be


c1553_probe: Unable to detect controller

- Failed to configure device in PCI bus 0, slot 16 with driver c1553

c1553_probe: Unsupported bus type: 18

c1553_probe: Unable to detect controller

- Failed to configure device in PCI bus 0, slot 16 with driver c1553

c1553_postconfig:major # = 89

c1553 driver V.1.00 configured

executing method for postconfiguration:

/var/subsys/c1553.mth postconfigure c1553 1

Any suggestions as to what's happening?

Should this sample driver built with a 5.0 tool work
under 5.1?  Are there changes between 5.0 and 5.1
dynamic drivers?

help will be appreciated



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