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Hi all. I have created a kit that is meant to be installed to a directory
specifies and then a link is create from where the user installs the product
to the
root directory (i.e /mydir -> /opt/mydir, where /opt is the place the user
the binaries to be installed). I know to use the -D option with setld to
the directory to be preprended to my product but I've run into a problem.
manually run fverify after the installation, I get errors because all the
and files can't be found (i.e. ./mydir/.... cannot stat no such file or
I did not see an option for fverify to correct this problem. Is there some
sort of
variable that can be added to the KIT.inv file to make fverify (or any other
command) prepend the installed kits "root" directory??? I hope this
I'm new to digital. Thanks in advance.  

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(now empty) directories remain.

I have tried the following:

- Setting the subset flag to 0 or 2 in the key file

- Setting the volatility flag in the master inventory file to 0 or 2

- Installing on 4.0D and 5.1A

- Changing permissions of the directories to be installed and their
parent directories

These directories do not exist on the servers prior to product

I could create a subset control program to do the deletion, but it
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